PowerPack Add-ons from PowerObjects [VIDEO]
November 13, 2019

Watch this video to hear from PowerObjects customers on the value PowerPack add-ons have added to their Dynamics 365 solutions.

Top 5 PowerPack Add-ons
January 21, 2019

PowerObjects has 30+ PowerPack add-ons that enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365, in this blog we share our top five most popular add-ons.

The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation: Event Management with Dynamics 365
January 17, 2018

See how The American Birkebeiner worked with PowerObjects’ PowerSuccess program and PowerPack add-ons for marketing automation to plan and execute one of the largest ski races in North America. Watch their story!

why you should be using PowerGlobalSearch
6 Reasons YOU Should be Using PowerGlobalSearch
February 20, 2017

PowerGlobalSearch is one of our most popular PowerPack CRM Add-Ons for Dynamics 365. Individuals who are not familiar with the robust functionality that PowerGlobalSearch has to offer, often ask the

Copy a PowerGlobalSearch Configuration and Import into a New Instance
June 12, 2015

PowerGlobalSearch is a handy little add-on we built to help users search across records in CRM. It was built to be highly flexible and configurable. So, what if you’ve spent

Add PowerGlobalSearch to a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM
June 12, 2014

PowerGlobalSearch is a universal productivity tool that is beneficial to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM user trying to find records in CRM. This add-on gives users the ability to quickly search across

10 Reasons the New Version of PowerGlobalSearch is Awesome
November 19, 2013

PowerGlobalSearch has been a popular add-on for some time, but PowerObjects has just released the exciting, new, CRM 2013 version! I wanted to release a Top 10 list on why

Leaked Image of PowerGlobalSearch for CRM 2013
October 23, 2013

Joe CRM here for a somewhat untraditional post. I’ve kind of gone behind R&D’s back, so I’m probably not making any new friends in that department this week! I know

WPF Paging Control for WPF Applications
February 19, 2013

When displaying large amounts of data in a custom application built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it can be beneficial to use paging to improve user experience and the speed of

Adding PowerGlobalSearch to a Different Area in CRM 2011
July 12, 2012

PowerGlobalSearch adds value for each and every user of CRM 2011 by providing the ability to earch any entity and any field from one window.  By default, PowerGlobalSearch is added under the Workplace Module in the

How to Configure PowerGlobalSearch
December 27, 2011

PowerGlobalSearch for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a fantastic add-on that’s designed to search any entity and any field within those entities that you’d like. No more digging through endless

Searching in Dashboards inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM
October 28, 2011

Hey there MSCRM users! Let’s talk dashboards! One of the great things about working with 100’s of companies using MSCRM is we get requests to do things that we haven’t