Business Forecasting with Power BI
June 24, 2020

How do you use Power BI for business forecasting? In this blog we discuss our approach and show you how to start building a report using Power BI.

Power Apps Positively Impacting Local and Regional Governments
February 21, 2020

Local and regional governments need to find ways to stay connected with their constituents and Power Apps provides a great solution to this challenge!

PowerObjects’ Commitment to Education
January 22, 2020

Watch this video to learn more about our Dynamics 365 education offerings and how PowerObjects can help your organization succeed!

The Future of AI and Data Analytics is Bright with Microsoft’s Power Platform
December 3, 2019

Looking at the evolution of AI and data analytics, it’s astounding how technology has advanced! Learn how Microsoft’s Power Platform is leading the charge.

Unique Challenges For Oil & Gas
October 31, 2019

It might seem like a lofty goal to suggest that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help oil & gas companies overcome their challenges, but it’s 100% accurate.

Self-Referencing Columns in Power BI
August 13, 2019

Learn how to use DAX to flesh out and visualize difficult hierarchy information and develop self-referencing columns within tables in Power BI.

power bi
Power BI Scheduled Refresh Impacts Report Development?
June 24, 2019

In this blog we describe the impact scheduled data refreshes can have on report development in Power BI.

Dynamically Retrieve Color Codes of Options from an Option Set using Web API
May 22, 2019

Are you planning of working with color codes? Read this blog for some handy tips on how to retrieve them from an Option Set using Web API!

power platform
Unlock the Potential of D365 with Microsoft Power Platform [VIDEO]
May 15, 2019

Watch this video to learn how can you unlock the potential of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft’s Power Platform with PowerObjects.

url query
Power BI URL Query in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CE)
January 25, 2019

In this blog we demonstrate how to display a Power BI report of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 account in Power BI with a URL query.

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Sorting Data by Fiscal Year in Power BI
December 19, 2018

Read this blog to learn how to use a DAX script to create a date/calendar table and sort by a fiscal year.

Enabling R Scripts in Power BI Desktop
November 21, 2018

In this blog, we describe the capabilities of R visuals and explorie ways in which using R can enhance a user’s experience in Power BI.