Unique Challenges For Oil & Gas
October 31, 2019

It might seem like a lofty goal to suggest that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help oil & gas companies overcome their challenges, but it’s 100% accurate.

Power Apps Hackathon Event Recap
July 12, 2018

PowerObjects hosted a company-wide Power Apps hackathon to demonstrate the rapid development capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps.

Learn, Use, and Manage Microsoft Flows with these 2018 Updates
July 10, 2018

In this blog, we share a few of our favorite updates to Microsoft Flow, including: Microsoft Team Integration, Approvals, Sharing Flows, and the Flow Documentation site!

Checking for Consecutive Repeating Characters in PowerApps
July 3, 2018

In this blog will walk through the steps of how you can check for repeating characters within Microsoft Power Apps – check it out!

June Power BI Desktop Update: Dynamics 365 9.0 OData Endpoint
June 19, 2018

With the June 2018 Power BI desktop update, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 9.0 OData Endpoint is now supported – learn more in this blog!

Want to Learn More About PowerApps?
June 12, 2018

Microsoft Power Apps can help you improve business processes! Read this blog for an overview of the benefits and functionality of PowerApps.