How to Create a Doughnut Chart to View Campaign Leads
April 26, 2018

In today’s blog, we are going to demonstrate how to create a doughnut chart in the Sales Hub that shows what types of campaigns produce the most leads.

Score Your Website Leads
4 Steps to Properly Score Your Website Leads
January 12, 2017

If you’re lucky enough to have so many leads you don’t know where to focus your attention, then lead scoring is for you. In a nutshell, lead scoring allows you

Make Marketing Decisions
How to Make Marketing Decisions with Data from CRM
July 19, 2016

Making decisions from data can be the hardest thing to do as a marketer. There are questions that arise anytime you see a data set, but it’s your job to

How Sales and Marketing Can Get the Most out of CRM . . . Together!
May 26, 2016

Competition is good; it motivates, it makes us better, and weeds out poorly executed ideas or plans. But sometimes competition within different business departments can be harmful to the business

How to Create a Custom PowerScore!
May 13, 2016

Users of our PowerScore PowerPack Add-on already know how valuable the solution is in helping to qualify Contacts and Leads by scoring them based on CRM-tracked behaviors. Sometimes, however, users

So You Got Leads: Now Nurture Those Suckers!
April 28, 2016

Congratulations, you’ve got leads! Now what do you do with them? That is an excellent question, and one that we’ll discuss today. First, let’s define a lead as someone who

Identify What CRM Message Will Execute by Using Fiddler2
March 31, 2016

When you need to look for CRM messages that cause a quick search on the web or the SDK help file, the SDK help file will provide the most information.

Roll up Activities on Leads That Have Been Converted to Contacts in Dynamics CRM
August 22, 2014

If you’ve ever wanted to see activities from the originating lead, along with all of the other activities or related records when looking at a contact record, but you don’t