The Future of AI and Data Analytics is Bright with Microsoft’s Power Platform
December 3, 2019

Looking at the evolution of AI and data analytics, it’s astounding how technology has advanced! Learn how Microsoft’s Power Platform is leading the charge.

Automation using Flow and Azure DevOps
November 15, 2019

Follow the steps in this blog to connect Microsoft Flow to your Azure DevOps account and automate Task creation for “common or repetitive tasks”.

Using Custom Format Strings With ‘Convert time zone’ Action in Flow!
September 26, 2019

Learn how to use Custom Format Strings with the ‘Convert time zone’ action in Microsoft Flow!

Send a Collection from Power Apps to Flow
September 19, 2019

As you build your Power Platform apps, you probably find yourself in situations where you need to send multiple rows of data from Power Apps to Flow for further processing

Using Flow to Create Dynamics Records using a Scheduled Flow
July 15, 2019

In this blog, we walk through how to use Microsoft Flow to create Dynamics records using a scheduled Flow.

Microsoft Dynamics, Flow, and Dynamics 365 Connectors
July 10, 2019

This post focuses on the two types of connectors you can use to connect with Dynamics 365: The Common Data Service Connector and the D365 Connector.

Using Power Apps and Flow to Send Photos
April 22, 2019

In today’s blogpost, we’ll show you how to use Power Apps and Flow to send a photo from any mobile phone to an Account’s SharePoint Folder. Enjoy! Depending on the

Using Flow to Build an Approval Process
April 5, 2019

In this blog we demonstrate how to build a simple Approval Flow with custom responses to automate the process and to provide more tailored information.

Advanced Condition Builder in Flow
February 15, 2019

Microsoft recently introduced a new advanced condition builder in Flow – in this post we explore the this new builder through a real-life business example.

PowerApps: Sending Text Messages
January 2, 2019

In this post, we walk you through the process of using Power Apps to send text messages with prefilled content using your own phone’s native messaging app.

Bridging Logic with IFTTT and Flow
December 21, 2018

In today’s blog we demonstrate how to bridge logic with IFTTT and Microsoft Flow for a low cost, no custom code solution!

And Operator in Flow
December 10, 2018

Read this blog to learn about Microsoft Flow’s And operator, which enhances the automation potential of our workflows – check it out!