The Elusive “NOT IN” Query Option
November 29, 2017

A new query option has been added to Dynamics 365 that makes it easy for users to create queries on their own using the Advanced Find tool.

Financial Period Closing in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise edition
November 28, 2017

We discuss the details of the Financial Period Close workspace and how it can make a department more productive, efficient, & close periods faster.

USD: Understanding Fundamental Components
November 27, 2017

In today’s blog, we discuss the fundamentals and the basic terminology of USD (Unified Service Desk) to help you get a better understanding of the system.

What are Workspaces in Finance and Operations?
November 21, 2017

For those who have worked in Dynamics AX, or may be new to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you may be wondering about Workspaces – learn all about it in our blog!

Tips for Organizing Workflows in Dynamics 365 for Sales
November 20, 2017

In today’s blog, we’re sharing some tips for organizing workflows in Dynamics 365 for Sales that will make your work and your team’s work much easier.

Relevance Search – Additional Filtering Using Facets and Filters
November 17, 2017

In today’s blog, learn how to use facets and filters to narrow your search results when using relevance search in Dynamics 365.

Explaining Your Dynamics 365 Job to Family this Holiday Season
November 16, 2017

Here’s how to explain your job as a Dynamics 365 expert to your family members–even to those who think upgrading Windows® means remodeling your home.

A Custom Dynamics 365 Solution for Mid Minnesota Legal Aid [VIDEO]
November 15, 2017

Learn more about the custom Dynamics 365 solution we helped create for Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid by watching our Solution Spotlight!

Data Management and Integration Using Data Entities – Part 2
November 14, 2017

In part two of our Finance and Operations: Data Management and Integration series, we will cover detailed information on data management and integration using OData Services.

Dynamics 365 October 2017 Update: Universal Resource Schedule Enhancements
November 13, 2017

Learn about what’s new for universal resource schedule enhancements from the Dynamics 365 October 2017 Update in today’s blog.

Data Management & Integration Using Data Entities – Part 1
November 10, 2017

Today we will review the Data Management & Integration using Data Entities in the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application.

Bringing Innovation to the Healthcare Industry with Dynamics 365
November 9, 2017

Today’s blog will highlight a few examples of the innovation that our Healthcare team has brought to the industry with Dynamics 365.