CRM 2011 Campaign Activities – How to Distribute Emails via Mail Merge
April 10, 2013

Considerations for Sending Email Blasts from CRM 2011 Campaign Activities In Dynamics CRM, users can distribute many different activities through campaigns and campaign activities to accomplish marketing tasks. There are

Should We Use Campaign Responses in CRM 2011?
January 24, 2013

Due to their unique attributes, Campaign Responses in CRM 2011 are incredibly useful for tracking ROI of Marketing. Like the simple example below, this blog will help you determine if

Tips for Making Telemarketing in CRM 2011 Easier
July 5, 2012

For organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to track telemarketing activities, PowerObjects has a few tips for telemarketing in CRM 2011–particularly how to increase efficiency in collecting your telemarketing data. Telemarketing

Send an Email Campaign with MailChimp in CRM 2011
February 27, 2012

Did you know you can use Mailchimp in CRM 2011? Sending a bulk email campaign from CRM using existing marketing lists and the PowerMailChimp add-on is easy and quick. Build a marketing

Are You Tracking the ROI of Marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?
December 23, 2011

If you are already tracking the ROI of marketing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM then you already know what an invaluable tool it can be if used properly. If you aren’t,