Dynamics 365 Predictive Lead Scoring

Read this blog for an overview of the Predictive Lead Scoring feature of Dynamics 365 for Sales and learn how to configure it and interpret the results.

Uploading a File to Azure Blob from SSIS

In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to upload a file to Azure Blob from SSIS. Enjoy! 1. Open Visual Studio > New Project > Integration Services

Solutions for Image Rendering Problems

Are you having trouble with image rendering in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Read this blog for a few potential solutions to fix the issue!

form save
Using Form Save with Custom Web Resources

Using custom web resources on forms can be a powerful tool, but it should integrate seamlessly with the form save. We should you how in this blog!

Generating JSON Document from SQL Query

This blog describes how to utilize the FOR JSON feature of SQL server to generate JSON data, and eventually JSON file with well-formatted JSON data in it.

business requirements
Gathering Business Requirements with the 6 Ws

When gathering business requirements, make sure you start with the 6 Ws! These are helpful because they require factual answers that can’t be Yes or No.

Personalizing Custom Entity Icons with Metro Studio

In this blog we show you an awesome workflow to personalize custom entity icons in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Metro Studio.

Configuring Dashboards for Business Process Flows

In this blog, learn how to build business process flow dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using out of the box entities.

Best Practice: Apply Labels to Deployment Version

TFS Labels will help you to review, build, or rollback changes easily when working with integration packages or any code – learn how in this blog!

How to Disable JavaScript in Dynamics 365 Apps

Read this blog to learn how you can disable JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps if the code is not compatible or not required in the mobile app.

Dynamics 365 On-Premises Auditing: Managing Audit Table Size

The challenge with on-premises auditing for Dynamics 365 is how to maintain audit history without creating an unmanageable database size over time.

client apis
How to Upgrade Deprecated Client APIs to Support Dynamics 365 v9

Read this blog and learn how you can upgrade your Dynamics 365 system’s deprecated client APIs to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.