Enabling Feedback for Entities

Are you looking to enable the Feedback functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365? In this blog we walk you through how to do it!

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Fitting the CRM and ERP Puzzle Pieces Together in Dynamics 365

How does CRM fit into an integrated ERP application like Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations? Learn more in this blog!

Scheduling Work Orders with Active Bookings in Dynamics 365

In this blog we walk through how to assign multiple bookings to one work order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

Using Customization Files for Deploying Custom Code

Read this blog to learn how to use Customization Files in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and USD to deploy custom code without trouble!

Conditionally Enable Plugin Context Logging Via Secure Configuration

Read to this blog to learn how to conditionally enable Plugin Context Logging via secure configuration in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Displaying Dynamics 365 Data in your PowerApps Application

In this blog post, we demonstrate the steps needed to view your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data in a PowerApps application you are deploying.

Row-Level Security in Power BI with Dynamics 365

Read this blog to learn how to set-up the Row-Level Security (RLS) feature in Power BI and how you can use it in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

How to Prepare for a Dynamics 365 Global Data Migration

A global data migration can take months or even years – in this blog we share our initial thoughts on preparing for a global data migration.

Using Canary and Plugin Trace Viewer to Track Down Performance Issues

Here’s how you can use Canary and Plugin Trace Viewer to track down many of the common problems that can occur in plugin code.

Checking for Consecutive Repeating Characters in PowerApps

In this blog will walk through the steps of how you can check for repeating characters within Microsoft PowerApps – check it out!

Back to Basics: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Terminology

New to Microsoft Dynamics 365? In this blog, we explain some Dynamics 365 terminology that may need further clarification.

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How to Find the Object Type Code for Any Entity

You might encounter a situation where you will need to identify the Object Type code for an entity in Dynamics 365 – we show you how in this blog!