Enable Azure-Powered Relevance Search in Dynamics 365

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to enable an Azure-powered Relevance Search in Dynamics 365 online (not available for on-premises).

How to Use Multiple Datasets in a Single Tablix Region in SSRS

In this blog we show you how to use multiple datasets into a single tablix region in SSRS!

Integrating to Dynamics 365 and Record Ownership

When migrating data, pitfalls exist for those not experienced with Dynamics 365. In this blog we share a recommendation to avoid a common issue!

Rapid Active Directory Querying via PowerShell

Active Directory Querying taking too long? In this blog we show you a method of pulling from Active Directory faster with PowerShell.

Team-based Security Gotcha!

Team-based security is a great model for larger businesses and fast-changing organizations, and today’s blog details a “gotcha” in the model.

Business Process Flows: Programmatically Switch BPF in Dynamics 365 using JavaScript

In this blog, learn how to change a BPF using JavaScript in the unified interface when the form loads based on a custom field Type on the Opportunity form.

Dynamics 365 Security Roles: Testing Best Practices

A security model in Dynamics 365 protects the Data Integrity and Privacy in a D365 organization. As a D365 Customizer, Authentication and Authorization of the D365 application is called security

azure key vault
Connecting to Azure Key Vault from Azure Web App

In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the very simple steps required to connect to Azure Key Vault from the Azure Web App.

Collaborating with Multiple Development Teams

In this blog, we discuss best practices for when your organization is simultaneously partnering with multiple development teams.

Multiple Triggers on a Logic App Workflow: Limitations and a Different Approach

In this blog we discuss the limitations of multiple triggers on a logic app workflow in Dynamics 365 and present a different approach.

Audit Log Management: Getting Past the “Unexpected Error”

Have you received an “Unexpected Error” when trying to delete an Audit Log in D365? Learn how to get past this error when using an on-premises environment.

Dynamics 365 Debugging Tips

In this blog, we share some helpful hints for debugging Microsoft Dynamics 365 code in Microsoft Visual Studio. Check it out!