How to Export a Theme from One Dynamics 365 Org to Another

Our friends at Microsoft have added a nifty feature to export a theme and import a theme from one Dynamics 365 org to another – learn about it in our blog!

How to Send an Automatic Email Response on a Case Creation

When working with case management, wouldn’t it be nice if you could notify customers that an email was received and a Case created? Learn how in this blog!

PowerPacks: Santa’s Secret for Surviving the Holidays

Discover some of the Dynamics 365 PowerPack add-ons that Santa and his elves use to dominate the Christmas holiday in today’s blog!

Portals: Changing the Date from the Default Format

In Dynamics 365, the date for Portals is in a USA format by default. We’ll show you a simple way to change the date to a UK format without using JavaScript.

The Elusive “NOT IN” Query Option

A new query option has been added to Dynamics 365 that makes it easy for users to create queries on their own using the Advanced Find tool.

Tips for Organizing Workflows in Dynamics 365 for Sales

In today’s blog, we’re sharing some tips for organizing workflows in Dynamics 365 for Sales that will make your work and your team’s work much easier.

Relevance Search – Additional Filtering Using Facets and Filters

In today’s blog, learn how to use facets and filters to narrow your search results when using relevance search in Dynamics 365.

Explaining Your Dynamics 365 Job to Family this Holiday Season

Here’s how to explain your job as a Dynamics 365 expert to your family members–even to those who think upgrading Windows® means remodeling your home.

Configuring the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The Dynamics 365 App for Outlook is a great tool that enables end users to access Dynamics 365 records directly within the Outlook client. Learn how to configure the app in today’s blog!

Using Version Number to Track Changes in Dynamics 365

The version number field in Dynamics 365 is used by the system to track changes in a single record, and can be leveraged when doing data migrations. Learn more in this blog!

Q&A: Does Your Company Understand Change Management?

We talked with one of PowerObjects training and Change Management consultants, Sara Jo Justice, to provide you with some must know Change Management information.

Managing Your Data Performance in Dynamics 365

Today we are going to see how to analyze and improve the query performance of your Dynamics 365 using the new Data Performance feature which is available for Dynamics 365(8.2) and CRM 2016 (8.0, 8.1) versions.