Configuring Dashboards for Business Process Flows

In this blog, learn how to build business process flow dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using out of the box entities.

Best Practice: Apply Labels to Deployment Version

TFS Labels will help you to review, build, or rollback changes easily when working with integration packages or any code – learn how in this blog!

How to Disable JavaScript in Dynamics 365 Apps

Read this blog to learn how you can disable JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps if the code is not compatible or not required in the mobile app.

Dynamics 365 On-Premises Auditing: Managing Audit Table Size

The challenge with on-premises auditing for Dynamics 365 is how to maintain audit history without creating an unmanageable database size over time.

client apis
How to Upgrade Deprecated Client APIs to Support Dynamics 365 v9

Read this blog and learn how you can upgrade your Dynamics 365 system’s deprecated client APIs to support Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.

azure logic apps
Azure Logic Apps and Dynamics 365

In this blog we look at how Azure Logic Apps can be leveraged with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for custom integrations and event triggers.

Dynamics 365 Integration: Testing Best Practices

Here are the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration testing best practices to ensure a successful integration with other systems.

User Acceptance Testing: What You Need to Remember

In this blog, we review a few best practices for user acceptance testing (UAT) that every successful implementation needs.

Managing Auto-Save in Dynamics 365

Need to disable auto-save? In this blog, we show you when and how to disable the auto-save feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration Migration Tool

Learn about an often-overlooked option for migrating configuration data between environments: the Dynamics 365 CRM Configuration Migration Tool!

Collaborating for a Successful Dynamics 365 Project

In order for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 project to succeed, it is important for both the business and IT sides of a company to collaborate.

language property
Formatting SSRS Report Textboxes Using the Language Property and D365 Data

Do you have users in different countries who view a SSRS report? Learn how to format SSRS report textboxes using the Language Property and D365 Data!