Collaborating with Multiple Development Teams

In this blog, we discuss best practices for when your organization is simultaneously partnering with multiple development teams.

Multiple Triggers on a Logic App Workflow: Limitations and a Different Approach

In this blog we discuss the limitations of multiple triggers on a logic app workflow in Dynamics 365 and present a different approach.

Audit Log Management: Getting Past the “Unexpected Error”

Have you received an “Unexpected Error” when trying to delete an Audit Log in D365? Learn how to get past this error when using an on-premises environment.

Dynamics 365 Debugging Tips

In this blog, we share some helpful hints for debugging Microsoft Dynamics 365 code in Microsoft Visual Studio. Check it out!

Scope for Dynamics 365 v9 Upgrade

In this blog, we describe the new features in Dynamics 365 v9, the scope of upgrade testing, and the types of testing for an upgrade from v8.2 to v9.

How to Identify D365 Processes that Reference a Subject using XrmToolBox

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Auto-numbering in D365 Customer Engagement Version 9

In this blog, we share some learnings about the behavior of auto-numbered fields when importing data or solutions in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement V9.

Bridging Logic with IFTTT and Flow

In today’s blog we demonstrate how to bridge logic with IFTTT and Microsoft Flow for a low cost, no custom code solution!

power bi
Sorting Data by Fiscal Year in Power BI

Read this blog to learn how to use a DAX script to create a date/calendar table and sort by a fiscal year.

So, You’ve Heard of Agile?

Considering an agile methodology for your project? There are factors to consider before settling on the best approach – read about them in this blog!

Dynamics 365 Predictive Lead Scoring

Read this blog for an overview of the Predictive Lead Scoring feature of Dynamics 365 for Sales and learn how to configure it and interpret the results.

Uploading a File to Azure Blob from SSIS

In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to upload a file to Azure Blob from SSIS. Enjoy! 1. Open Visual Studio > New Project > Integration Services