The Peak Productivity Potential of PowerCopy

PowerCopy allows users to define customized copy configurations so only the fields they want duplicated are populated in the new record in Dynamics 365.

Self-Referencing Columns in Power BI

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Streamlining the Kelly Roofing Process with PowerApps

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D365 Workflows give Users Superpowers. That’s why a Workflow has Scope.

In this blog we discuss the importance of determining the scope of a Workflow and the best way to communicate this need in non-technical language.

Potential Errors with Business Central Outlook Add-in

In this blog we’ll describe what to do when you’re using the Business Central Outlook add-in and you get stuck at a credentials error.

One PowerApp in Multiple Dynamics 365 Entities

Need a solution to display a single PowerApps-based app in multiple Dynamics 365 forms? Learn how to do this with D365’s embedding control along with iFrame and Java Script in this blog.

Patch/Clone Solution Deployment from a Project Management Perspective

In this blog, we discuss Microsoft’s Patch/Clone Solution and it’s advantages compared to traditional project management methodologies.

Business Central Integration with Outlook

In this blog we delve into Dynamics 365 Business Central and its integration with Microsoft Outlook.

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In this blog, we walk through how to use Microsoft Flow to create Dynamics records using a scheduled Flow.

Microsoft Dynamics, Flow, and Dynamics 365 Connectors

This post focuses on the two types of connectors you can use to connect with Dynamics 365: The Common Data Service Connector and the D365 Connector.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration with Customer Engagement, Part II of II

In this post, we finish our discussion on the integration between Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Business Central.