The Impact of the Internet of Things (IOT) on Field Services
The Impact of the Internet of Things (IOT) on Field Services

If you think the Internet of Things (IoT) is not impacting Field Service organizations, think again! In fact, of all the organizations within a business, Field Services may very well

Service Ambassadors to Improve Customer Experience
Three Ways Your Service Agents Can Act as Service Ambassadors to Improve Customer Experience

Great customer service starts with your front-line employees. They make the first impression, provide the first touch, and act as the face of your organization. Being able to provide high

Field Service USA Expo
Field Service USA Expo – Get Ready, ‘Cause Here We Come!

We are excited to announce that PowerObjects will be a sponsor at Field Service USA this year on April 18-21 in Palm Springs, CA. This industry-leading conference provides a platform for over 700

Service Ambassador webinar series
Round Two: Service Ambassadors Webinar Series

Did you catch our recent webinar, Creating Better Customer Experience by Empowering Your Service Ambassadors? We talked about ensuring your agents have the right tools and information at the right

4 Channels You Must Add to Your Omni-Channel Customer Service Strategy

Customers expect a seamless and consistent experience across the growing number of channels they are using to interact with companies. What we at PowerObjects are seeing in the marketplace, is

Dynamics 365 Field Service
What’s new in Dynamics 365 Field Service

There are a lot of great new additions to Dynamics 365 Field Service.  One of our favorite features is the updated schedule board.  The schedule board is at the heart

USD Customization File Attachments
Working Around the “Record is Unavailable” Error to Update USD Customization File Attachments

If your Unified Service Desk (USD) application contains custom hosted controls that need to be downloaded to agent machines, you can find the steps needed to distribute those controls here.

Let’s Get Territorial: Using Territories in Field Service

Field Service dispatching can sometimes be a complex task, but now easier than ever! One of the ways that Field Service solutions simplify the dispatching process is through the use of Territories,

PowerObjects Presents a High Performance Service Webinar Series

Customer service is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now and today’s customers see service as playing a major role in determining their loyalty to a brand.

Face of the Customer Meet Face of the Machine: A Can’t-miss Webinar Event!

PowerObjects is pumped to announce that we will be sponsoring a webinar featuring global research and guest analyst firm, Forrester Research and Microsoft THIS WEDNESDAY, May 11 from 1:00 pm

The Sky’s the Limit: Auto Routing Data Requirements for FieldOne Sky

You may have heard the name FieldOne Sky bantered about lately, but what is it exactly? FieldOne Sky is a field services management solution acquired by Microsoft in 2015. It

Dynamics CRM and FieldOne: Solutions for Field Services

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM enterprise platform continues to expand with the 2015 acquisition of FieldOne, a field services management solution that adds a robust set of features to the already