Solving an SSRS Report Viewer “Gotcha”

In this post, we cover a “gotcha” we discovered while working with jQuery and the SSRS Report Viewer in a tabbed reporting format.

How to Use Multiple Datasets in a Single Tablix Region in SSRS

In this blog we show you how to use multiple datasets into a single tablix region in SSRS!

form save
Using Form Save with Custom Web Resources

Using custom web resources on forms can be a powerful tool, but it should integrate seamlessly with the form save. We should you how in this blog!

Best Practice: Apply Labels to Deployment Version

TFS Labels will help you to review, build, or rollback changes easily when working with integration packages or any code – learn how in this blog!

power bi
Python Starter in Power BI Desktop

What does Python do in Power BI? Read this blog to learn how to set up and create “My First” Python visual in Power BI Desktop.

Custom DocuSign Integration in Dynamics 365

In this blog, we will demonstrate how we can utilize custom code to integrate with DocuSign from a CRM plug-in.

PowerApps Hackathon Event Recap

PowerObjects hosted a company-wide PowerApps hackathon to demonstrate the rapid development capabilities of Microsoft PowerApps.

Using Canary and Plugin Trace Viewer to Track Down Performance Issues

Here’s how you can use Canary and Plugin Trace Viewer to track down many of the common problems that can occur in plugin code.

Authentication to Dynamics 365 using Azure Apps

Read this blog to save some time and effort when dealing with creating custom third party applications that need authentication to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Creating a Custom Portal API to Retrieve Data

Having trouble when needing to retrieve data asynchronously? In this blog, we walk through the steps of creating a custom portal API to retrieve data in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Visual Studio Console Application Development and Usage

Learn how to create a Console application by creating connections between Azure, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and Visual Studio.

Language Localized Web Resources

One of the lesser-known features in Dynamics 365 v9.0 is the ability to include localized strings in web resources. Read more about it in this blog!