When you are deciding on what business solution will work best and scale to your business needs, evaluating the support options available to you should be at the tippy top of your list.

When we speak of support, we aren’t limiting it to “when you have a problem, we swoop in and save you.” Sure, it does involve that, but it really is so much more.

PowerObjects’ Lifecycle Support offerings assist and guide you along every step of the way to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is working in the best possible way for your business. We have five options that scale with your business size and needs…

  1. Pay as you Go provides Standard and Enterprise support plans billed in 15-minute increments based on time and materials consumed.
  2. Application Support Management is designed for large enterprise organizations with complex Dynamics 365 deployments.
  3. Dedicated Support Engineer is a time-and-materials engagement based on prepaid blocks of 100 hours at standard billable rates.
  4. PowerSuccess – which offers three tiers of support – is a service-as-a-subscription approach that provides access to a dedicated support team.
  5. NEWEST offering: Online Accelerator offers support for migrating Dynamics 365 from on-premises to online.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, PowerObjects is a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). Not only can we manage your cloud migration project through our Online Accelerator program, but we can procure and maintain your Microsoft Cloud licensing, as well.

Managing the support you receive from PowerObjects is also a breeze through our PowerCare Portal. You can submit new support requess and check stats of existing requests with 24/7 accessibility and visibility.

Support IS a big deal, and we here at PowerObjects take it seriously. Learn more about our offerings at www.powerobjects.com/support/ and remember us when you need a Partner that supports you now and years down the road.

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