Those working on the CRM side of Dynamics 365 have likely come across The CRM Book at one point or another. This digital resource was created years ago by the entire PowerObjects team as a free resource to the Dynamics community. You can read more about that story here, but today we’re looking forward. The CRM Book sees well over a million views each year, and that number continues to grow. That said, it was due for a revamp. Today we announce that The CRM Book has undergone extensive updates and a major renovation. Here are three ways users can take advantage of the improvements.

Updated Content

Users will love the useful CRM tutorials throughout the book. Our team has spent large amounts of time updating content in The CRM Book to reflect the current version of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. While we’ve made efforts to keep the book updated over the years, it has been a background process. To address this, we’ve implemented a new internal process to ensure the latest and greatest in Dynamics 365 is always at your fingertips. A bit of a disclaimer: our client projects are a priority, so while much of the content has been updated, we’re aware some content is still in need of a rewrite. Regular updates will take place in the background moving forward. If you see missing or outdated content you’d like prioritized, let us know by requesting content.

Save Your Favorites

We know users often return to The CRM Book as a reference tool. To make finding your favorite pages easier, we’ve added the ability to bookmark your favorite pages! Here’s how:

1. Click “Login/Register” to create an account.

The CRM Book

2. Click “Add to Favorites.”

The CRM Book

3. To access your favorites, click the hamburger menu, and then click “My Account & Favorites.” You’ll see a list of bookmarks saved under your profile.

The CRM Book

The CRM Book

Enhanced User Experience and Mobility

The third way users will benefit from the upgrade is enhanced user experience and mobility. The old version of The CRM Book looked, well, old. It served its purpose, but as years of improvements to web design came and went, The CRM Book remained unchanged. The new version provides a more visually appealing experience for users, making it easier to locate and consume content. The newly-launched site also includes mobile friendly functionality as well as better search functionality. In a fast-moving world, you shouldn’t feel chained to a desk, and with the new CRM Book, you won’t be!

The CRM Book

What are you waiting for? Go take advantage of all the new CRM Book has to offer!

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