One of the thirty PowerObjects PowerPack add-ons has recently gotten a few enhancements. PowerApproval, our approval-tracking add-on, allows users to build approval processes; identify specific users, teams, or managers who can approve each step; and track the approval process on any record in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.


From the beginning, PowerApproval gave users the ability to reject an approval step and restart the approval process. Previously, however, users could not configure from which step to restart the process; it would automatically start back at step 1 in the process when the record was resubmitted for approval. Now, users can define – for each approval process – from which step the process should restart when it is resubmitted after a rejection: from the beginning (step 1) or from the step on which it was rejected.

PowerApproval has also been enhanced to provide users the ability to define specific rejection reasons. This makes it easier to report on why approval steps are being rejected overall.


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Happy approving!

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