As a sponsor of last week’s Focus 2018 user group conference in Indianapolis, PowerObjects is proud to have sent a number of speakers to present on all things Dynamics 365. This year’s conference provided an in-depth opportunity for the Dynamics community to take a deep dive into topics they care about most. From CRM and ERP functionality to business intelligence and business application integrations, our team was thrilled to share our collective knowledge with the community while also learning alongside other industry professionals.

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For those who don’t think one conference is enough to learn it all, you’re in luck because we agree! That’s why our team has a focus on education and training for Dynamics 365. Our team of trainers can deliver education training around the globe and across numerous languages. PowerObjects’ trainers are experts in delivering content that fits your needs. So, whether you simply want to consume new information in small doses or dive head first into a boot camp post-Focus 2018, look at the many ways our team can help you continue to grow as a Dynamics 365 enthusiast:

Learn a Tip at a Time Post Focus 2018

  • The CRM Book: while the name is reminiscent of the days before CRM and ERP joined forces under one Dynamics 365 platform, our team does continue to maintain regular updates to content within this free resource we’ve created for the community. Some think we’re crazy for giving away so much content for free. We think that allowing more people to become Dynamics enthusiasts through shared knowledge allows us to maximize the potential the product can bring to our customers. Knowledge is power! Access the CRM Book to learn more about the CRM side of Dynamics 365 (as well as past versions).
  • Blog: Subscribe to the PowerObjects blog to learn tips about Dynamics 365 as well as previous versions of Microsoft’s CRM and AX/ERP solutions. All the latest information gets covered here.

Learn in Person

  • Learning Consultants: we offer a team of Dynamics 365 certified trainers who are specialized in training large teams of employees. Use our team to develop customized training content which is designed with your team’s unique needs in mind. We offer this tailored training for all parts of the Dynamics 365 platform. Whether you need CRM or ERP training, we’ve got your back.
  • Dynamics 365 University: our university trainers provide out-of-the-box training for system admins, developers, power users, and more through private trainings for just your team, or individually through our public trainings at one of our many training locations. While our current course catalog for these pre-built trainings is focused exclusively on CRM functionality, we’d encourage you to keep a lookout for training on the ERP functionality for the Dynamics 365 platform in the short months ahead!

Focus 2018 may be done, but our community isn’t done learning. Check out the resources listed about to continue your professional journey.

Happy D365’ing!

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