Stearns County has been working with PowerObjects since they implemented Dynamics CRM in September of 2013 (you can read their original case study here). As the complexity of operations has scaled from 30 to 300 users with the size of the growing county, so has the importance of Dynamics CRM. Today’s blog will give you a brief overview of Stearns County’s recently published case study. You can read the full case study here.

Case Study Overview

We sat down with Jake Anderson, Stearns County’s project manager, to ask about his organization’s experience with Dynamics. Here’s what he had to say:

Why did Stearns Country choose Dynamics?

You can obviously buy off-the-shelf permitting solutions for different departments, but one of the things that became clear is that those have limited functionality and the costs can really add up over time. For example, one solution might have what you need for feedlot permits but if you want to expand it into other areas, you’re going to need to look for additional solutions. What Dynamics CRM presented us with was an opportunity to leverage one unified platform that can cover all of our needs and continue to grow with our county.

How has Dynamics impacted your local government organization?

Dynamics CRM makes things easier and more efficient for our staff which translates into far better customer experiences for our county’s residents and customers. I would definitely recommend Dynamics to other local government organizations. As we’ve seen over the years, the initial investment really has paid off – and we’re only getting started. There is a lot more functionality within Dynamics then you might originally even realize. That’s what I’ve appreciated about PowerObjects. They’ve helped us see that the sky’s the limit with what we can accomplish with Dynamics.

How’s user adoption?

Growing from 30 users to over 300 users in less than five years could be a stressful experience with some platforms. Dynamics CRM is an exception. I don’t hear people complaining and even better than that, after several years on the platform, people are still asking for more. Departments who are not using Dynamics yet hear how great it is and want to utilize it as well. That’s how I know our user adoptions is successful.

What has your experience partnering with PowerObjects been like?

PowerObjects has been a true partner, in the sense that they work to really understand our needs from the beginning and they want us to succeed. They are there when we need them but also empower us to work independently and think outside the box with Dynamics.

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