When working with case management, wouldn’t it be nice if you could notify customers that an email was received and a Case created? Well, here’s how you can configure Dynamics 365 to send an automatic response.

To enable automatic email responses, all you have to do is configure the out of the box “Automatic Record Creation”- no Plugins, Workflows, or customizations are needed.

If you are new to Case Management in Dynamics 365, you can access it by navigating to Settings à Service Management.

case creation

1. Create a new “Record Creation and Update Rules” record:

case creation

2. Set “Source Type” to Email, and “Queue” to an Email enabled Queue record.

3. Check “Send automatic email response to customer on record creation.”

4. Select an Email Template:

case creation

Once the Case is created in Dynamics 365, the customer will be notified via email:

case creation

Now you know how you to configure Dynamics 365 to send an automatic response that notifies customers that their email was received and a Case created.

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Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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