‘Tis the season of rosy cheeks, hot cocoa, and mistletoe and while this is the most wonderful time of the year for most folks, no one understands the demands of the Holiday season more than the jolly man in the red suit. So what is Santa’s secret to surviving the holiday season? Our PowerPack add-ons of course! Discover some of the PowerPack add-ons Santa and his elves use to dominate Christmas in today’s blog.

Like all great projects, planning is everything and Christmas in the North Pole is no exception – especially when your workshop is responsible for producing and distributing billions of toys each Holiday season. The elves start planning for their biggest night of the year months and months in advance. Using PowerSchedule, Santa can schedule workshops to educate his elves on what the latest toys will be each season and to train his elves on how to produce them most efficiently.

With lots of mall visits to plan for, PowerCalendar is essential for keeping Santa and his team of elves in the right place at the right time. The add-on gives Santa insight on how busy each team of elves are in one calendar view. With this information, Mr. and Mrs. Claus can easily determine which elves they can take with them on the road and which ones are needed at the North Pole.

Of course Santa uses Dynamics 365 to manage his master list of names, as you can imagine that’s a lot of kids to keep track of. With PowerHashTag, Santa can categorize records by age range and interests, and he can easily identify who is on the naughty and nice lists.

On the biggest night of the year, Santa relies on PowerMap to see all of the houses he needs to stop at. The turn-by-turn directions and fastest route features ensure that Santa and his sleigh make it down the chimney of each boy and girl before Christmas.

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Happy Holidays and Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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