Schedule and manage classes, sessions, and registrations in Dynamics 365 with our latest PowerPack add-on.

Scheduling and managing classes, trainings, and appointments can be a huge pain point for organizations. Juggling employee schedules and tracking down required resources can be a daunting task. For example, once an individual attends a session offering, what do you do with that information? The PowerObjects team knew there had to be an easier way to manage all of this data from within CRM. As a result, we created our latest PowerPack Add-On, PowerSchedule.

PowerSchedule is a robust solution is that allows users to define custom requirements for individual sessions in Dynamics 365 such as facilities, programs and classes. Each extension is then configured to include the required resources needed to fulfill a session. This includes items such as Staff Members, Rooms, and Equipment. If all resources are available, contacts and leads are able to register for a session as an attendee.

The original concept behind PowerSchedule was generated from a request from one of a customers in the healthcare industry.  This organization was looking for a solution that could automate their process of scheduling classes, client appointments and trainings for both their staff and patients within their CRM.

By using PowerSchedule they are able to map out their entire catalog of offerings and associate each offer with the necessary resources.  For example, in order to offer a CPR training class to the public, they need an available staff member that is certified in CPR, a room to host the training, a minimum of 10 manikins to practice on, two volunteers to assist the trainer and a projector to show the demonstration video. Each of these items can be associated with the CPR training offering. If all resources are available a contact or lead in CRM will be able to register for that offering.

With PowerSchedule users can group offerings in their CRM environment by type and location, providing a granular view of services and programs across their entire business. This gives CRM users insight to view the availability of staff members and service locations all from within Dynamics 365.

Once a contact or lead is registered for a session, PowerSchedule can track and view attendance as an activity on a record. With this information users can quickly view and report on popular programs and classes and promote future programs to individuals who have attended similar offerings.

Ready to give PowerSchedule a try? A subscription to PowerSchedule is only $2 per enabled CRM user per month! Get started today with a FREE 30 day trial of PowerSchedule, no credit card or no commitment required.

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