Migrating activity records into Dynamics 365 can contain several steps depending on the complexity of the source data, or you can use the KingswaySoft SSIS adapter to add records in just one step.

Activity records are broken down into the activity itself (call, email, appointment), the activity parties (to, from, attendees) and activity attachments.

With the KingswaySoft SSIS adapter you can combine the activity and activity party records to integrate in one step. Simply take the source data records for the activity parties, look up their GUID’s inside of CRM, and then combine and populate the appropriate fields.

For example, if we were creating an email with a sender and several recipients that are contacts in the system then we would populate the fields like below.

For the “From” field you would supply the following:

Since the sender is a system user, you would append “systemuser” to the GUID, separating them by a colon.

For the “To” you would supply the following:
contact:590AB4FF-D53E-E711-810C-FC15B4286C00; contact:WWWAB4FF-GGGE-SS11-810C-G4E34286C00; contact:5J3CB4FF-GGGE-SS11-180C-G4E34286D430;

All the contacts are combined into one string. Each GUID has “contact:” appended to it and they are separated by a semi-colon.

You can supply the following types in these fields:

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • System Users
  • Queues

Using this functionality will enable you to migrate both record types in one step and simplify what can be very complex migrations.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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