CRM Dialog is a useful custom hosted control that can be used to update certain data. Once it is closed, the form refresh must be completed in order to reflect the changes done in the dialog. Sometimes during this process, the callback function for the CRM, “setCallbackReference,” will get triggered, which means the form does not refresh. While this doesn’t always happen, you obviously need to know how to refresh the form when it does occur. In today’s blog, we’ll show you a trick for triggering the callback to refresh the form.

Form Refresh

The screenshot below shows how to set up CRM Dialog with the callback function to refresh the form:

And this next screenshot shows the trick to perform before closing CRM Dialog:

It does not matter what value is returned – in the example above, we’re returning “Refresh!” The key is that this trick will trigger the callback function to refresh the form. It’s really just as simple as that. J

Happy CRM’ing!

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