With the latest version of CRM for Dynamics 365, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Learning Paths. This service allows users to explore some pre-defined areas of CRM at their own pace and from within Dynamics 365. The CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365 are tailored for different user roles, so a salesperson, for example, only sees content relevant to salespeople. What better way to train and onboard new users to CRM than right in Dynamics 365!

CRM Learning Path for Dynamics 365

Learning Path content is delivered through guided walkthroughs, videos, and articles. In this blog we take a look at how to enable the new learning path feature and take a peek at how to navigate it. It’s important to note that at this time Learning Path content is not customizable, but it can still be helpful in orienting new employees to the basics of CRM.

If the System Setting to Enable Learning Path is set to Yes, all users will be opted into Learning Path by default. This can be found under Settings > Administration > System Settings, on the General tab.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

Users can also opt in or out of Learning Path quickly depending on their preferences. Clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of CRM presents an option to select whether they see Learning Path. When users have opted in, clicking the question mark in the top right corner takes them to the Learning Path center. When users have opted out, this takes them to the regular CRM Help Text.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

The Learning Path area provides links to videos, articles, and guided walkthroughs. Guided walkthroughs are an especially neat new feature. For example, under Guided tasks for sales, users can click Take a Basic Tour.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

This presents the user with a series of boxes that describe different areas or tasks in CRM.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

Users can click through the boxes using the arrows at the bottom.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

Once users have clicked one of the guided walkthroughs, a checkmark is presented next to that area in the Learning Path center.

CRM Learning Path in Dynamics 365

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Happy CRM’ing!

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