Deciding to implement Dynamics 365 is a fantastic business decision that will be sure to provide long-last benefits to your organization for years to come. But after you’ve invested in Dynamics 365, how do you make sure that your investment pays off? One way you can ensure success with CRM is by training and educating your CRM users right from the start as well as provide them ongoing education options. In today’s episode of The CRM Minute, hear from our amazing education team about how PowerObjects can help!

CRM Training for Dynamics 365

Education is one of our Four Pillars because we believe so strongly in the far reaching benefits that come with making sure the people within your organization who will be using the CRM system know how the system works and how it applies to their business processes. If you set your Dynamics 365 foundation will some solid training from PowerObjects, you’ll b on your way to a well oiled machine.

With all of the great training options provided by the PowerObjects education team, there’s something for everyone! From online classes to in-person boot camps, we’ve got it all. Check out the additional resources below to learn more about the learning options available. Got questions? Reach out to us or your account representative to see what training works best for your implementation plan or how you can get started giving current users a refresher course. Make sure you sign up for event notifications so that you don’t miss an offering. Stay tuned next week for another in-depth look at change management for your implementation.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

Additional Resources for Dynamics 365 Training


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