Marketing Automation and CRM for Dynamics 365 are kind of like the perfect couple. They just naturally fit together. That’s why, here at PowerObjects, we tend to geek out a little bit when we find new and exciting ways to think about automating your marketing with CRM for Dynamics 365. Check out the list below of four of our most popular resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365.

Resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365

1. Videos, videos, and more videos!

PO TV is your destination for Dynamics 365 video content, so it’s the perfect place to catch every episode of The CRM Minute as well as marketing case studies and more! Check out a few of our favorite marketing videos for your viewing pleasure!

Resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365

2. Read the eBook

Looking for the perfect resource to start your marketing automation journey? Let our eBook be your map and guide! You can download the FREE eBook, Getting Started with Marketing Automation and CRM, to get your mind wrapped around how you will be implementing your own personal tools to achieve the results you want!

Resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365

3. Give a few PowerPack Add-ons a Try

You know who has marketing automation with CRM down pat? PowerObjects! Our suite of marketing PowerPack add-ons for Dynamics 365 are specifically designed to help reduce manual processes, and streamline many marketing-related procedures. You can download as many or as few as you want, because they are ALWAYS free to trial for 30 days. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365

4. Watch some Webinars on Demand, yo!

The best part of all of our webinars, is that we record them all so that you can watch them anywhere at any time! Here are a few we think you’ll really enjoy!

Resources for marketing automation with Dynamics 365

Did we leave anything out? Sound off in the comments to let us know what your favorite marketing automation tools are in CRM for Dynamics 365. Get a sampling of all these items and more by checking out our marketing solutions page, and as always, happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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