One of the four pillars of our foundation here at PowerObjects is our commitment to CRM education for Dynamics 365. That’s why we have one of the best CRM training and education programs in the world! The way we see it, the more you know about your CRM system, the better prepared you and your team will be to achieve success and see a solid return on investment. One of the options we offer is our Train-the-Trainer track, which empowers your team to take training into their own, experienced hands. Let’s see how it works!

Dynamics 365 Training

We’ve had so many success stories from customers who do their CRM education with our PowerObjects team. Our most recent example of training success comes from our amazing customer, UL. UL needed to roll-out training to their staff on a massive scale, so who did they call? PowerObjects of course! Watch their story below to see how they achieved success with our Train-the-Trainer program.



That’s all for today’s episode of The CRM Minute! Tune in on Monday for a special Thanksgiving episode where we talk about the importance of providing a true Omni-channel service experience. With Black Friday coming soon, you’ll see how businesses should be treating the customer to keep them happy campers, and remember to subscribe to PO TV so that you never miss a “dynamic” episode of The CRM Minute or one of our riveting CRM customer success stories.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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