One of the new features that came with Unified Service Desk (USD) 2.0.1 is RealignWindow. RealignWindow provides the capability to configure USD to open a window (i.e., webpage, CRM page, etc.) outside of USD while still allowing USD to control and close the window, so that when users have completed a session, the window automatically closes for them. It also provides the capability to configure where the window pops open at and its size relative to the monitor.


In order to implement this new feature, you just need to set up a few things in the Unified Service Desk section of CRM first, and in today’s blog, we’ll show you how to get started!

Setting Up the Hosted Control

You set up the Hosted Control how you would typically set it up for a webpage or CRM page, but for the Display Group enter FloatingPanel instead.


Once the Hosted Control is complete, the action calls will need to be created. You will need to create two action calls. One to open the webpage and another to set the window.

RealignWindow Action Call (Window Placement)


screen= identifies which monitor the window should open in. Currently, you can only open in either monitor one or two. It will not work on more than two monitors.
left= percentage from the left of the monitor where the window will open.
top= percentage from the top of the monitor where the window will open.
width= size of the window as a percentage of the monitor width.
height= size of the window as a percentage of the monitor height.

Navigate Action Call


One thing to be aware of when setting up the Navigate Action Call for a webpage, the URL will fail if you use “www.yoururl.” Instead, you will have to use “http://yoururl” or “https://yoururl.”

After the Hosted Control and action calls have been created, you will then add the two action calls to your Agent Script. Run through your script to test. It should look similar to this image:


PowerObjects has a wide variety of resources for working with USD! Get your USD fix today!

Happy CRM’ing!

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