The Field Service Industry is experiencing some explosive growth and is steadily becoming a focus for many organizations. Field service management is about more than just having the right tools for the job no matter where you are. It’s about being able to connect with your most important asset, your customers. There are some unique field service trends happening today, and in today’s episode of The CRM Minute, we’ll be focusing on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and field service management solutions are helping to create a customer service story that spans multiple channels, maximizes employees’ efficiency, and exceeds customer expectations. First, listen as Dan Cefaratti, our Field Service Practice Director, dives deeper into what those trends are and how they are impacting the Field Service industry today!


As you can see, the dynamic duo of Dynamics CRM and Field Service Management help to create powerful customer service stories, unique to each organization. One of our customers, Kelly Roofing, has created their version of such a story.

Kelly Roofing had successfully rolled out Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help manage relationships with its customers, but they saw room for improvement with communication between the company’s office workers, field crews, and customers. Customers and office workers wanted better visibility into where the roofing crews were at any given time, and field service workers wanted better visibility into their daily jobs and timelines. Crews were spending too much time driving back and forth from the office to different sites to pick up information for specific jobs. Administrators also needed a better big-picture view of job schedules and the ability to shuffle jobs around based on changes to jobs and schedules.

Kelly Roofing’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM was so successful we decided to leverage Field Service to expand knowledge share throughout the entire company. Now our customers receive the same high level of customer service from commencement through completion. Ken Kelly, President

As a roofing company with workers in the field, Kelly Roofing needed the ability to tie in their back-end office operations with their field service operations. Since Kelly Roofing had already been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM successfully in their business, they were an ideal candidate to take advantage of the new field service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with field ready mobile capabilities.

Kelly Roofing’s field crews can now get real-time, up-to-date information in the field, making it easier than ever to efficiently schedule and complete jobs! You can read Kelly Roofing’s entire case study here. As we mentioned, Kelly Roofing had already implemented Dynamics CRM, so Field Service functionality was just the logical next step! Take a peek into Kelly Roofing’s CRM journey with PowerObjects.


Happy CRM’ing!

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