So many people today use mobile devices in their daily routines, so why not communicate with your clients on their mobile device? SMS messaging is becoming an increasingly popular channel for business and marketing communication. With the PowerSMS PowerPack Add-on from PowerObjects, Dynamics CRM users can send one-off or automated SMS messages to their customers. In today’s blog, we’re going to show you a real-world scenario where we send a PowerSurveyPlus survey through PowerSMS when a case is closed.


The workflow is going to trigger when the case status changes so we’ll need three stages to create the process. Before creating the workflow, PowerSMS users must ensure that they have installed the free PowerBitly Tool.

The first stage checks if the status is resolved and then creates the Survey Activity record. After selecting the appropriate survey, we need to add a subject. It’s important that None is selected in the Send Link field. If None is not selected, the customer will be sent the survey via email and SMS message.

Customer Satisfaction

In the second stage, we need to shorten the Survey URL with Bitly and create the SMS message. Start by selecting Add Step > PowerPack_workflow > po_PowerPack_Workflows.Bitly, and then select Set Properties. Next, select the Value field and in the Look For field, scroll to the bottom of the list to select the create survey step and then select Survey URL.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

The next step is to create the SMS message and include the shortened URL. Complete the Create SMS Message record with your desired message and dynamic values, but make sure you add the Bitly URL to the SMS message.

Customer Satisfaction

Now we’re ready for the third and final stage to change the SMS message status. We need to add a change status step to set the SMS Message record to Pending Sent. The SMS Message created in stage two is set to open, so we need to change the status so that the PowerSMS solution sends the message. To do this, our last step is to add a stop workflow step and activate the workflow. Here’s what our workflow looks like once fully built:

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction Customer Satisfaction

Using the steps we outlined today, PowerSurveyPlus and PowerSMS users can automate sending surveys through SMS messages for any scenario! Need help creating your workflow? Our friendly billable support team can help consult or create on custom workflows. For the fastest processing and service, submit a case through our PowerCare Portal.

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Happy CRM’ing!

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