Microsoft OneNote is a computer program that lets users take notes, either handwritten or typed, create drawings, and attach documents, but that’s not all it can do! Did you know that OneNote integrates directly with your Dynamics CRM system? In today’s blog, we’ll go over the integration in more detail as well as highlight some of benefits your team can experience by utilizing the integration. Let’s get started!

OneNote Integration

The conversation of how OneNote can help your organization take notes starts with you understanding how your organization actually captures or takes notes. Where does your organization take notes currently? Do your employees use Dynamics CRM, Word, Outlook, pad and pen? Is there a structure to your note taking? A pattern you all follow? How are your notes being shared both internally and externally? What are some of the pain points with note taking? Do you constantly misplace your notes?

Microsoft OneNote is more robust than just a place to store typed notes. Say you go on-site and take a few photos on your phone. You can then map those images in OneNote and then use the Ink feature to annotate on top of them if that’s more your style. You can create to-do lists and assign the tasks to different users. Team collaboration is a breeze with sharing and tracking, which allows you to keep track of who took what notes. You can also enable co-authoring editing internally or externally.   Go image crazy! OneNote lets you add an image with links to where that content was copied from originally. Or lend an ear with audio notes. The possibilities are endless!

OneNote is structured using sections, and within each section you add pages. Using the handy dandy search functionality allows you to type in key words to find sections and pages that have that word in it. Its interface is user-friendly and works just about anywhere. 

OneNote Integration

OneNote is not limited to certain devices. It works on Windows, Windows phones, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android, Amazon, Chromebook, or any web browser using OneNote Online.

Last but not least, if you’re thinking that OneNote can definitely help your organization get better at storing and taking notes, but aren’t sure how you will manage the notes you take for records in Dynamics CRM, the Dynamics CRM integration with OneNote is your answer. With the CRM integration, OneNote notebooks will be associated with any particular record you may need.

OneNote Integration

For more information on the OneNote integration and how to set up it up, check out our webinar: Understanding the OneNote Integration.

Happy CRM’ing!

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