We hear the term “cloud” used in the business world on a regular basis, but if you’re like a lot of people, “cloud” is something you know, but might not necessarily understand fully. In today’s episode of The CRM Minute, we are going to break down the mystery of the cloud by showing you what the Microsoft Cloud has to offer for your online Microsoft licenses (including CRM of course!) as well as our Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects program! Let’s get started!


Microsoft did a great job of listening to their customers when developing Office 365. Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping you save time and money and free up valuable resources. What’s great about the cloud in this instance is that you can literally take your Office 365 suite of products anywhere and on any device.  Let’s take a look at how an Office 365 online subscription can benefit your organization and break down the “mystery of the cloud” by answering your burning Office 365 questions.

No matter where you are in your Dynamics CRM journey – whether you have bought your licenses or are looking to buy them, with Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects you will get more out of your investment. A partnership with PowerObjects means you will always have access to a dedicated team who gets you, your needs, and your solution. PowerObjects will be able to manage all of your Microsoft CRM needs, and can deliver, manage, and support your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions. From service, to support, to billing – your CRM and Microsoft Cloud solutions are taken care of by PowerObjects.

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