Marketing automation is a pretty hot topic right now. Here at PowerObjects, we believe that CRM should be the center of all communications with a customer. Marketing, sales, and service all need to reside in CRM. From a marketing perspective, using tools like our PowerPack Add-ons for CRM such as PowerMailChimp, PowerWebForm, PowerSurveyPlus, PowerWebTraffic, PowerScore, PowerEmail, and PowerSMS allow you to quickly and easily handle the tactical aspects of marketing. Then, by leveraging CRM entities and workflows, you can easily handle the automation directly in CRM. You really do get more out of your CRM system by incorporating marketing automation data across marketing, sales, and service. PowerObjects SVP Dean Jones spoke about this in a special session at this year’s Microsoft Envision conference in New Orleans, LA. The topic of Dean’s session was Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The Ultimate Platform for Marketing Automation.  Check out his session from Microsoft’s Envision YouTube channel below!


Remember, marketing automation doesn’t start with a bulk email, it starts with an action. The whole goal behind marketing is to inspire someone to “raise a hand.” This means that the process of turning a lead into a paying customer should be defined in advance so that you can trigger the correct conversation. You accomplish this by using marketing automation tools and CRM. Go ahead and just try something! If that doesn’t work, you are free to try a different strategy.

Want to learn more about marketing automation? Here are some resources for you:

In Dean’s own words, “It’s time to bring the one-on-one marketing conversation into CRM.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Happy CRM’ing!

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