PowerObjects is proud to announce the release of our latest and greatest PowerPack Add-on, PowerTrivia. PowerTrivia is a free add-on that lets users harness the power of their PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS, and PowerWebForm subscriptions to engage clientele through SMS trivia play. In the age of digital marketing, you have to find new and unique ways to engage with your customers, and with PowerTrivia, you get that and more by giving your customers a fun way to interact with you. It’s a win-win!


With PowerTrivia, users can customize trivia game messages to give players interactive responses for events such as perfect scores, incorrect answers, game schedule, and much more. Make your responses snarky or sweet or both! Trivia games can also be set to a schedule, allowing users to restrict game play dates and times. You could use game scheduling for conference hours, expo hours, or a contest window for example. The possibilities are endless!







After setting the game parameters, users can create a web form (PowerWebForm) for game registration to capture player information. Once players are registered for a game, PowerTrivia starts the game play by texting the player a link to a random trivia question (PowerSurveyPlus). Each trivia game question is a PowerSurveyPlus survey and each response is scored. When the game is over, the scores of each question (PowerSurveyPlus) will be calculated, and the total score will be displayed on the Contact or Lead record in CRM. I mean seriously, how cool is that?

PowerTrivia is FREE to users, but does require a subscription to PowerSurveyPlus, PowerSMS, and PowerWebForm. Users will also need the free PowerBitly tool, which can be found here. Go ahead and give PowerTrivia a try for yourself and let us know what you think! And check out some of our other PowerPacks to see how you can get more out of Dynamics CRM.

Happy CRM’ing!

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