*Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could somehow have a few extra hours in your day to get everything done you needed to without feeling like you are constantly racing against the clock? Unfortunately, a longer day is nothing more than a pipe dream, so in order to make do with what hours we do have, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and accomplish our tasks faster. If you use PowerMailChimp, you already know how the add-on increases efficiency and productivity by allowing users to create and send mass emails through MailChimp and track that data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In today’s blog we are going to share three tips with you on how you can make PowerMailChimp even faster than before. So let’s stop wasting time and get right to it! 


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Tip #1 – Clone a Blast

If you are setting up an email blast that is similar to one you’ve sent before, you can save time by cloning the previous blast. The cloning process copies all of the details and marketing lists in an existing email blast to a new blast. After the blast is cloned, you can modify any of the sections as needed.

To clone an email blast, navigate to PowerMailChimp and follow these easy steps:

1. Find the existing email blast from your current list and open the record. From here you can select Clone Blast as shown in the image below:

2. After you’ve cloned your email blast, the Name and Subject of the new blast will have the words “copy” after them so that you know you are making modifications to the correct record.

3. Once you have saved the changes, you can send this blast out as normal.

Tip #2 – Preview Templates

When setting up an email blast from within CRM, if you’re not sure that you’re selecting the correct template, there’s no need to log in to MailChimp. You can preview the template from the blast area. When viewing the list of MailChimp templates in CRM, simply select the Preview button to see the HTML version. It will show you everything you need to know!

Tip #3 – Using the Send Test Option

Why create a test blast to see how your email looks when you can simply send a test email? MailChimp recommends sending your mailing to several test emails in different email clients (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to see how each email client chooses to render the template.

After creating your blast, choose the Send Test option under the ellipses, enter up to three email addresses, and press Send. You’ll receive the test emails to preview in each email client. Want to test in more than three email clients? Simply repeat this process.

Be sure to give these time-saving tips a try the next time you create a PowerMailChimp blast. Is your interest peaked about PowerMailChimp? Download the solution from our website and register for a free 30 day trial.

Happy CRM’ing!

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