There are a lot of factors that can contribute to CRM performance issues and sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin troubleshooting. Maybe your issues are caused by a network latency issue, an SQL issue, or a possible server resource issue. CRM has built-in performance tools to assist you with this!


1. Check your latency and bandwidth at (make sure to replace with the actual CRM URL).

As a general guideline, performance will start to degrade when latency > 150 ms and/or bandwidth < 50 KB/s.

Performance Tools

2. Another great tool that is built right into CRM (2013 SP1 and up) is the CRM Performance Center. To activate, simply log into CRM then click CTRL+Shift+Q on your keyboard. Click Enable, then click Refresh. When browsing in CRM, this will capture how long it takes components to load. This is a great alternative to tools like Fiddler and won’t require you to install additional third-party tools.

Performance Tools

Hopefully these tips will help you successfully troubleshoot performance issues you may be experiencing. Feeling overwhelmed with managing your CRM system? We offer a range of support options to fit a variety of needs!

Happy CRM’ing!

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