Advanced Find is a great tool within Microsoft Dynamics CRM that allows users to find records that meet a set of criteria defined. One of the ways you can use the Advanced Find tool is by executing a search based on the activities associated with a specific record. However, if you need to query records that do not have any activities associated with it, you can follow this simple tip in our blog today to still get the results you are looking for. Let’s begin!


Let’s take a look at an example. Say you need to retrieve all Contacts that do not have any activities associated with them. In order to do so, follow the steps below:

1. First, create a static Marketing List.

2. Click on the ‘+‘ sign next to the members grid to manage members.

3. Use Advanced Find to add all Contacts as members.

4. This is what the Advanced Find query to add all active Contacts looks like.

5. Next, select Add all members returned by search to the marketing list and click Add to Marketing List.

6. Above the Members grid, click on ‘+’ to manage members.

7. Select Remove using Advanced Find and click Continue.

8. Next, build another Advanced Find query to fetch all the Contacts with activities as shown below. Click Find.

9. Select Remove all members returned by the search from the marketing list and click Remove from Marketing List.

The list will be updated to only include Contacts with no activities associated. You can then create an Advanced Find to locate all the Contacts that are members of this Marketing List and there you have it!

Please note that since this is a static Marketing List, it can become stale after a while. You should always refresh static Marketing Lists before you use them to insure that the data is up-to-date.

That’s all for today, readers. For more information on CRM, Advanced Find, and other useful tips, feel free to contact us! Also, make sure you check out our blog weekly for the latest news and educational materials.

Until next time, happy CRM’ing!

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