Looking for an easier way to find similar records in CRM? Trying using a hashtag with PowerHashTag – this may be the solution for you! PowerHashTag offers an easy way to use keywords to categorize records inside your CRM organization.


Hash Tag

The PowerHashTag section is added to the Account, Contact, Lead, Case and Opportunity forms automatically upon import and can easily be added to other entity forms as well. Once the PowerHashTag solution is imported into your CRM, users can easily create a hashtag by typing a word into the PowerHashTag section and hitting the Space or Enter key. If the hashtag already exists, once you begin typing, you’ll have the option to choose from pre-existing hashtags.

Hash Tag

The hashtag colors are customizable, providing users with another easy way to identify the individual hashtags. Viewing similar records is as easy as clicking on the hashtag to pop open a window displaying a view of records that have been tagged.

Hash Tag












Download PowerHashTag from our website and start your FREE 30 day trial today! If you’re already a subscriber to any of our other PowerPack add-ons, you can receive PowerHashTag free of charge. Reach out to a PowerPack Pro before subscribing to see if you qualify.

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