PowerObjects is excited to announce the release of our newest PowerPack add-on, PowerSurveyPlus!


PowerSurvey, which was PowerObjects’ very first PowerPack add-on, allowed users to create and capture customer feedback through simple surveys and recorded the responses within CRM. The PowerObjects R&D team envisioned an enhanced survey solution that could do more than the traditional questionnaire-style format. With PowerSurveyPlus, we’ve taken surveys to the next level!

We’ve added additional question types, giving users 12 question types to choose from including matrix, rating, and monetary. Other key features of PowerSurveyPlus include hosting in multiple clouds worldwide; a progress bar showing survey progress; expression logic; drag-and-drop designer; the ability to save pages, sections, and questions as templates; and more!

Our original survey solution, PowerSurvey, is used worldwide, so we have leveraged the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to improve the survey experience for users. With cloud datacenters in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, PowerSurveyPlus users can choose the cloud closest to them to improve survey rendering and performance.

The new survey designer feature makes it easier for users to build robust surveys by displaying the visual layout of the survey. Adding sections and questions is quick and easy with the added drag and drop functionality.

Users can save commonly used pages, sections, or questions as templates, which saves time when you need to create similar surveys in the future. Users can also make sections repeatable, allowing the survey taker to complete the same question(s) as many times as needed, thereby making capturing job or education history, family and team member information, etc. quicker and easier.

Users can now add tags to survey questions to reference when creating an expression to show or hide sections or questions based on a specific answers to previous questions.

After building the survey, users can send survey links to Accounts, Contacts, or Leads through an email by using workflows. You can even use a PowerMailChimp blast to track the submission responses back to the recipient’s CRM record. Want to survey your customers over the phone or on the fly? With PowerSurveyPlus, CRM users can initiate and complete surveys from within CRM records themselves.

Want to see these features in action? Download PowerSurveyPlus and begin your free 30 day trial today! And keep checking our website and blog for more updates and features coming soon for PowerSurveyPlus!

Happy CRM’ing!

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