PowerGlobalSearch is a handy little add-on we built to help users search across records in CRM. It was built to be highly flexible and configurable. So, what if you’ve spent a lot of time configuring this add-on in a dev environment, and now you need to push it to production? Good news! You can save yourself the time of reconfiguring everything in production by copying the configuration file over to your new instance.


Here’s how:

1. Starting with an Advanced Find, click on the Look For option set and select PowerSearch Configuration

2. Click on the Results button in the top ribbon.

3. This will direct you to the Results tab of advanced find. From here we are going to need to copy a field located on the PowerSearch record. To do this, double click on PowerSearch.



You will see the following window:

4. Highlight all of the text in the field “Value*” and copy the text. You’ll need a place to store this text for the time being—a good option is to do this in Notepad, as this will ensure that the text will remain plain text. Here, you can see I pasted the text I copied into Notepad.


5. Now go back to the Advanced Find screen. This time we are going to need to copy a field located on the ReadingPane record.


6. Double click on ReadingPane. This will pop-up the following window:


7. Do the same thing you did for the PowerSearch field – highlight all of the text in the field “Value*” and copy the text and store it in Notepad or something similar. Below, you’ll see both snippets of code in one Notepad file:




Now that we have the configuration text copied, we can proceed to the instance that you want to have this configuration for PowerGlobalSearch.

NOTE: It is assumed that at this point in the new instance that you have already installed PowerGlobalSearch. If this is not the case, please click here and follow the instructions. (You can even try it free for 30 days!)

1. From within your production environment, open an advanced find, click on the Look For option set, and select PowerSearch Configuration.

2. Click the results button. Look familiar? It should! Now you can drill into the PowerSearch and ReadingPane records and copy in the code you copied from your dev configuration.


3. Double click PowerSearch. When the window pops up, delete text in the field “Value*“. Now paste in that first chunk of code you copied and saved in Notepad earlier.


4. Click Save on the bottom right of the screen and close the window.

5. Go back to your advanced find results, double click on ReadingPane, and replace the old text with the second chunk of text you saved for later in your Notepad file.

6. Click Save and close the window.

Congratulations, you have successfully copied your configuration from one instance to another instance!

Wait, you haven’t downloaded PowerGlobalSearch yet? Good news—you can download a free 30 day trial on our website. Try it now, it’s a powerful little tool.

Happy CRM’ing!

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