It’s a very common request when creating or updating a record with workflow to populate a date field with a calculation. In this blog we will discuss how to do that. Since it is more common to want to set a date out into the future, will use the example of setting an appointment start time to be 3 days after the Account is created.


Let’s get started!

1. In the workflow add a step to create an Appointment

2. Now click on Set Properties button. CRM will open a new window with a sample form of an appointment as shown below:

How to add a Calculated Date on a date field with workflow


3. Set focus on the Start Time field, since we need to set the date of this field through the workflow. This would change the options on the Form Assistant on the right side

4. In the Day dropdown, select 3

5. In the dropdown below that, select ‘After’

6. Click on the Add button. It will show the selected options appear in the text area below

7. Click OK


How to add a Calculated Date on a date field with workflow


8. The Start Time field will be polluted with the calculation


9. After filling out any other desired fields on the Appointment, hit Save and Close and publish your workflow

This should set the date as required! We hope this blog was useful to you. Check out our main Dynamics CRM 2015 page for even more tips and tricks!

Happy CRM’ing!

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