Now you can easily insert random auto-numbers, or letters, dates or times in any field of any entity in Dynamics CRM automatically using PowerPack Add-on PowerAutoNumber. Use a combination of numbers, letters and dates in your fields, and have the ability to number more than one field in each entity; random numbers are also guaranteed to be unique!


It is possible to have more than one auto-number per entity!

1. Create the necessary auto-numbers and then navigate to the form of the entity the auto-number is to be added to.

2. Select the record(s) that need the auto-number and click Edit.

3. Insert the Place Holders in the appropriate field on the record form. The value defined in the Place Holder field can be used to flag a record for CRM’s bulk update process; or for the purpose of retroactively generating unique identifiers. This value will automatically appear in the defined field; should the PowerAutoNumber license expire, or if the connection to the PowerObjects cloud fails, this field should hold a unique value, such as {employ nmbr}. The value can be anything but it is always suggested to include brackets so that the field value is more unique.

4. When completed, click Change.

5. The changes will now be reflected on the desired record.

And there you have it! Check out our other PowerPacks for even more Dynamics CRM Add-on fun!

Happy CRM’ing!


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