Are you currently using PowerObjects’ PowerWebForm solution? Well good news…the solution just got even better! PowerObjects’ has just released the latest version of the PowerWebForm solution that integrates with GoToWebinar. So say goodbye to the days of having to manage webinar leads in multiple places – with PowerWebForm all submissions will be pushed to CRM and GoToWebinar


PowerWebForm is an essential tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowing users to capture internet leads directly into their CRM systems, allowing organizations to feed information captured on their webforms directly into their CRM system; creating new records with the information submitted. In the latest version of PowerWebForm, the solution allows you to point a webform to a webinar registration for GoToWebinar. That way when someone comes to your website and would like to sign up for a webinar, you no longer have to have them register through GoToWebinar’s webform. Instead you can use PowerWebForm; so that registrants are pushed into CRM and into the registration for GoToWebinar.

The solution it is quite simple, simply build out your webform as normal, but you will find a new section for GoToWebinar. Now when you click the “Select Webinar” button a look-up will pop open, showing all webinars that you have setup in GoToWebinar:

PowerWebForm now integrates with GoToMeeting

Simply select which webinar this PowerWebForm is for and select OK:

PowerWebForm now integrates with GoToMeeting

Then you can keep building your webform as normal; simply save and deploy! Once the webform is a solution and someone fills the webform out:

PowerWebForm now integrates with GoToMeeting

The PowerWebForm solution will function as normal while sending the information into your CRM system creating a new entity or connecting an activity to an existing entity in the system. In addition, the solution will automatically fill out a registration for the webinar in GoToWebinar, thus acting as if the end user had filled it out themselves!


PowerWebForm now integrates with GoToMeeting

In GoToWebinar:

PowerWebForm now integrates with GoToMeeting


If you would like to try PowerWebForm free for 30 days please visit the PowerWebForm page to get started today! If you have questions, please feel free to contact the PowerPack Team at!

Happy CRM’ing!

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