Recently, FierceHealth and Keri Silvernagel from PowerObjects teamed up to lead a webinar on physician referral management. This webinar centered around the changing healthcare industry and how these changes will drive different needs in referral management. With these topics in mind, the present and future healthcare environment is perfect for Dynamics CRM and its ability to offer the flexibility and agility to meet each organizations needs.


A couple of hot topics are pay for performance models like Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) and how the change to shared savings and shared risk arrangements shift who may need a physician referral management system. Now, primary care organizations will need to know if patients are staying in the ACO for specialty care or if they are leaving the system for care. This is known as leakage. These organizations all need a central place to track, review, communicate, and schedule specialty care appointments to best understand patient behavior and follow through as well as where your primary care physicians refer patients.

While ACO’s continue to gain traction with over 600 already established, the traditional fee for service payment model will continue. This means that the independent specialty clinics and independent hospitals need to continue to market and track their referrals to increase volume through their referrals. Knowing referral patterns of primary care physicians will provide the kind of analytics that will help drive future marketing campaigns or contract arrangements.

If you would like to hear more on physician referral management, the webinar is available on demand through January! Simply click the link and register!  

Happy CRM’ing!

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