Have you ever had a request to assign system views based off of security roles? This is not an out of the box function of CRM 2013, but the following tool from codeplex makes this a reality:



First, download the RolebasedViews_managed and RolebasedViews_executables zip files from codeplex. Then import the RolebasedViews_Managed.zip solution into your CRM environment. When that step is completed, click the RoleBasedViews Application file within the RolebasedViews_executables zip. This will open up the interface below.

Assigning System Views Based on Security Roles in Dynamics CRM


Using the drop down menu at the bottom left of the screen you can connect into your CRM. Once connected, click load data at the top right of the screen. This will list out all of the entities and allow you to select security roles from the drop down menu.


Assigning System Views Based on Security Roles in Dynamics CRM


Now you have the ability to select which views are visible within each entity for each security role enabling role based views in CRM! You can also select the default view within each entity. For further detailed instructions, please click on the codeplex link below.


Happy CRM’ing!

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