Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 new release ‘Vega’ has come up with a new conditional operators in Advanced Find.  The new conditional operators are called ‘Under’ and ‘Not-Under’ respectively.  These in some cases interact with new hierarchical security model in CRM 2015, and in other cases work with the hierarchy of accounts, and hierarchy of products mentioned in the top 10 features of CRM 2015.


conditional operators

These conditional operators can be use while performing any of the below tasks.

  1. Advanced Find through Online or On-Premises CRMconditional operators

2. Implementing any business logic using SDK

3. Using Fetch expression (under and not-under)

conditional operators

With the new conditional operators in Advance Find, users will have an improved searching experience for records within CRM.

CRM 2015 Tip!  The Advanced Find button is now displayed right corner of command bar making it super easy and quick to access.

conditional operators


Please visit our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 page for the latest on the new features coming this fall.

Happy CRM’ing!

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