Imagine you have two potential clients you’ve been communicating with who want to meet tomorrow and you only have time to meet with one. Your colleague volunteers to meet with Jill CRM and you tell him you kept meticulous notes of her needs in her contact record. The following day your colleague thanks you for attaching Jill’s LinkedIn photo to her record, allowing him to confidently discern her from other employees waiting to greet him as he entered her salon. How was he able to do this?


PowerPhoto is the PowerObjects CRM add-on that allowed you to help your colleague identify who he was meeting with! PowerPhoto can be displayed on any form, for any entity in CRM 2011 or 2013, and the photo pane can be customized to hold one or multiple photos. The pane can display a single image at a time or multiple thumbnails. You can set a default image to always display upon opening the record, and even set a contact, account, or lead header photo (in CRM2013) from a photo in the PowerPhoto pane.

Photos can be added to any CRM form by editing the form and adding a web resource for PowerPhoto. Under parameters, you can indicate whether to allow one or multiple photos in the PowerPhoto pane.

PowerPhoto Copy and Paste Enhancement in Dynamics CRM

In addition to the traditional upload and convenient drag and drop methods, PowerPhoto has been enhanced to allow the pasting of an image from your clipboard. This new copy and paste function has been very useful for one of our IT customers. They often mark-up screen shots of issue solutions that could be reused, but didn’t have a clear schema for saving the files in their shared drives. With PowerPhoto, they copy their marked screen shots from the editing tool onto their clipboard and paste the images in the PowerPhoto pane of the CRM case. Now when the issue arises again, they can quickly search for a previous case and see the solution steps.

Want to try PowerPhoto free for 30 days? Download the solution from our website to get started! If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Power Pack Pro at or 612-339-3355, just ask for a Power Pack Pro!

As always… Happy CRM’ing!

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