Do you host multiple CRM 2013 environments? Do you and your users sometimes run into issues differentiating between your live production and your test or development CRM organization? Do you simply not like the color blue? Then we have a solution for you! You can easily learn how to change the default blue color in Dynamics CRM!  The only requirement is that you need access to the CRM application server. In other words, not CRM Online.


To change this:

How-to: Change the Default Blue CRM Color in Dynamics CRM

Into this:

How-to: Change the Default Blue CRM Color in Dynamics CRM

Follow these easy steps.

1. Gain access to the CRM application server. If you have multiple application servers for the same environment, they will all need to be changed.

2. Locate the file C:Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics CRMCRMWeb_controlsnavbarnavbar.css.aspx and make a copy of it. This is important! Editing server files can be tricky, since a simple typo can lead to severe system problems. It will also allow you to quickly convert back to its original state.

3. Open that file with your favorite text editor, such as notepad.

4. Locate the following section, near the beginning of the file:

How-to: Change the Default Blue CRM Color in Dynamics CRM


The highlighted color code is what defines what all the menus will look like. If you want the background to be a deep red color, change this value to: #990000. Then just save the file.

If you want to pick out a different color, you can use any number of RGB color code converters available in the web. For example, provides a very straight forward converter, where you can click on a color and it will display what code it is.

If you’ve found this helpful, please continue on to more Dynamics CRM blogs such as sorting priority in system views, customizing column width for form views, or creating personal dashboards. As always…

Happy CRM’ing!

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