How many times have you wished you could merge cases in Dynamics CRM? Maybe you wanted to combine multiple reports of the same issue coming from different channels (web, email or phone), or across different departments to eliminate redundancy. With the new Wave release you now have that ability. We think it’s so handy we’ve named it one of the top ten updates from Spring ’14 Wave! Easily merge two, to up to ten, cases with a single click and soon you’ll be focusing your resources, streamlining queues, speeding response times and spreading happiness!


Let’s get started on merging those cases.

1. Navigate to Service.
2. Click on Cases.

Spring '14 Wave Update

In this example, we will merge cases from the My Active Cases view, but cases can be merged from a variety of views. We’ll also only merge two cases just to keep things simple, but don’t forget you can merge up to ten active cases.

3.  Click on the Cases you want to merge.
4.  Click on Merge Cases.

Spring '14 Wave Update

5. Once you select Merge Cases a window will open asking you to select the primary case, i.e. the case that other cases will be merged into Select the Case.
6.  Click on Merge.

OK, now take your time getting used to your new merging Super Powers — once you merge the cases you can’t undo this action.

Merge Up to 10 Cases Using a Single Click with Spring '14 Wave Update

Success! You are now a merging Super Hero!

Merge Up to 10 Cases Using a Single Click with Spring '14 Wave Update

What happens to the merged cases? They will be marked Canceled and only the one primary case you picked will remain active. In addition, all activities, notes and attachments will be re-parented to the primary case.

Merge Up to 10 Cases Using a Single Click with Spring '14 Wave Update


Click on Case Relationships in the primary case to view Merged Cases.

Merge Up to 10 Cases Using a Single Click with Spring '14 Wave Update

Let’s do a quick recap on a few things to remember with this new feature:

    • Merge case operation can be performed between 2 or more active cases.
    • Merge will support a maximum of 10 cases in a single operation.
    • Once cases are merged, this operation cannot be undone without reactivating the canceled cases.

Have Spring ’14 Wave on your mind? Did you know we have an entire page dedicated to all things Wave related? Check it out for for continuing education, blogs or any further questions! And as always… Happy CRM’ing!

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