PowerGlobalSearch is a universal productivity tool that is beneficial to any Microsoft Dynamics CRM user trying to find records in CRM. This add-on gives users the ability to quickly search across any entity in CRM . Whether it is an out of the box entity, custom entity or activity and pulling their search results into one grid or negating the need to conduct multiple searches from different areas in CRM, PowerGlobalSearch is the go to records tool!


If you are anything like me, your dashboard is constantly open throughout the workday.  I know having the ability to search across any entity right from the dashboard, and see my results without having to take additional steps would be a life-saver. Add in the benefit of not having to open individual sections and records to get the information I need, and my day just a much more efficient.

Interested in adding PowerGlobalSearch to your dashboard? Check out the steps below and learn how you can increase your productivity right from your dashboard!

  1. First navigate to the dashboard section of your CRM system and either select to Edit or Create New. In this example we will be editing my current PowerPack Dashboard.
  2. Once you have your dashboard created/chosen to edit, select which pane you would like to add PowerGlobalSearch to and select Web Resource Icon.


Add PowerGlobalSearch to a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM

3. This will open a dialog box. Here you will need to select the pogs_/Search.html web resource, give it a field name and label, and then select the Display label on the Dashboard and Visible by default checkboxes on the form.

Add PowerGlobalSearch to a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM

4. Once you have configured this page select OK. This will bring you back to your editable dashboard. If you would like you can adjust the web resource height and width. You can do so by clicking on the PowerGlobalSearch pane and then navigating to the ellipsis and choosing to increase or decrease width and height. Once you are happy with how it is being displayed, select Save and Close.

Add PowerGlobalSearch to a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM

5. Once you close the editable view of the dashboard, your dashboard with PowerGlobalSearch will render like shown below.

Add PowerGlobalSearch to a Dashboard in Dynamics CRM

PowerGlobalSearch is now installed. At this point you can search across all entities right from your dashboard to your heart’s desire. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PowerPack Team at powerpackpro@powerobjects.com or visit our blog for any other troubleshooting you might need!

Happy CRM’ing!

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