Creating an account number is something that can be easily automated within any Dyanmics CRM system. One way of automatically creating an account number for a new account is to use the PowerAutoNumber add-on. But what if you only want to assign an account number when there’s an opportunity created for that account, instead of when the account is first created?


Well, with PowerAutoNumber, you can set up a super simple process that will allow you to automatically create an account number for your accounts when an opportunity is created, related to that account. Here’s how:

  1. Set up a PowerAutoNumber record for the account record, choosing to autonumber the account number field. Choose a unique value for the placeholder field (we usually suggest something with brackets around it) and make sure to check the Only on update check box. This will ensure that new accounts that are create will not automatically get numbered, since we only want accounts to be assigned a number when there is an opportunity created, and related to them. Then choose a field format for the account number. In our example below, we have chosen to have a static “A” in front of a 5 digit autonumber.


    Automatically Assign Account Numbers

  2. Create a workflow to put the placeholder value into the account number field when an opportunity is created and related to that account. Once PowerAutoNumber finds that placeholder value, it will replace it with an actual autonumber. The first thing you want to do is check to make sure the account doesn’t already have a number. If it doesn’t, then put the placeholder value in the account number field, thus autonumbering the account. If it doesn’t have an account number yet, you want to create one automatically.



  3. Save and activate the workflow.

Numbers generated by PowerAutoNumber are guaranteed to be unique, so you will never have to worry about two accounts having the exact same number.

Want to learn more about PowerAutoNumber? Check out the PowerAutoNumber webpage and start your free 30 day trial today!

Happy CRM’ing!

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